Stealth Investment Bank Multi Asset Class SDP

By analyising the actual workflow of traders and fund managers, design a framework for a multi asset class Single Dealer Platform. The architecture was based on how users actually think and work rather than the standard asset class architecture. Through research we designed an approach and design methodology to support workflow in context. A users view of their workflow adapts to what they're doing providing precisely the data and actions required at that moment, the navigation allows for instant context switching allowing users to jump to another task without re-configuring their view.

Definition of the framework

Grid, views and components

A flexible yet structured 4x4 grid enables a multitude of different layouts that adhere to a usable layout at different screen sizes. One component can occupy all 16 grid elements, or 16 currency tiles for example.

Interface architecture is simple and clear

Utilities such as user profile management, settings, search, interface management and notifications, alerts and messaging is all contained in the top UI bar.

The discreet view navigation opens when required and is hidden to maximise workspace real estate.

Progressive disclosure allows for view management inline and in context

Components are the content of each view. Each component can act independently or colalborate with other components. New components can be created without affecting the platform framework as they adhere to the same set of component rules and responsive UI. Components present data based on their attributes which can be modified at the component level.

Components can be managed and moved using the view management actions. A component library provdes a pallete from which to drag and drop new components into a view. Components automatically snap to the logical position in the view, droppping onto a grid axis allows the component to span grid elements.