BNP Risk management pitch

An example of how intelligent visual design can very quickly take an average product to being a compelling product. This project was a one day crash design workshop with an internal credit risk team at BNP, resulting in a couple of alternative approaches to creating a shell to house their various credit risk tools as they slowly migrate their entire offering to this proposed portal.

After the on-boarding and core landing page, we'll need a universal sub-navigation that can remain consistent. This vertical version can be pushed off to the left side when not in use, and then pulled back in as and when required

There are pros and cons for either the vertical side navigation or the top of screen horizontal navigation, we we've mocked up both to help us make an informed decision.

However, BNP has a strong brand that has been in force for decades and should this be a public or externally facing application then we need to consider it as a rpredominantly white interface. A quick bit of photoshop wizardry and we have an example of what it could look like in it's finest pearly whites.