digital product designer & user experience evangelist, strategy to execution

Sedition Art Web, IOS & interactive TV

As VP Product and Head of UX at Sedition I was responsible for leading the engineering and design team. Together we rebuilt the entire web, IOS and Samsung interactive tv platforms, employing a systemic approach to the component style architecture. The current products are the result of a cross platform user centred design approach which informed the aesthtic, interaction design and front end architecture made possible by the design and engineering teams working as one.


BBC iPlayer V3

Working with Method in a team of three, conceptualised and designed the fundamental interaction design patterns that have set the iPlayer apart from it's competitors. Personally responsible for the inline Favourites widget and integral to the conception of the hero and condensing the high level navigation to the two primary reasons why anyone visits iPlayer - TV or Radio.


Societe Generale Alpha FX

Lead ux architect as part of the Lab49 consultancy team on-site woking in an agile SCRUM process delivering rapid design solutions and iterative revision strategies.


Morgan Stanley FXOS

UX architect & designer representing Lab49. Engaged to investigate the internal tools for sales and trading teams after the success of Matrix. Conducted floor interviews and produced many iterations until delivering a very high fidelity wireframe accompanied by elegant user journeys and UI architecture.

The brief was to create a snappy and comprehensive means of receiving and processing requests for service. Then make sure the app. links to our suite of legacy applications that we'll get round to updating in the future.

Based on much desk research and time spent on the trading floor, I designed a desktop application wrapper that delivered a ticket processing system with a comprehensive CMS. Then connected it to the legacy apps and launched them from inside the wrapper, maintaining context.


Thomson Reuters Eikon

Commissioned by Thomson Reuters to conduct interviews and desk research before compiling a rich UX Strategy document detailing how commodities traders, particulary Ags and OIl & Gas, condusct their daily business. Delivered all aspects of the user experience process from hosting stakeholder workshops right through to user journeys, wireframes and visual design. Sensitive documents available upon special request in person.


RBS Risk management

Associate Creative Director working with Sapient Global Markets and RBS. An exploratory prototype to support research and development into grid processing risk systems. A desktop tool was envisaged and conceived through user journeys, analysis, wireframes and high fidelity visual design.

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BNP Risk navigator

As part of a pitch for the user interface for a new bespoke Microsoft Silverlight credit risk management tool, I designed and produced a series of hi-fidelity visuals to communicate the impact and ROI when invested into a rich and intelligently designed UI.